Trends and Advice with Celestial Event

We asked our vendors to answer three questions.
1. Why they love working in the wedding industry?
2. What they see as a trend in 2012?
3. Provide one piece of advice to brides.

What can be more rewarding than helping a couple plan a wonderful wedding day and then being there to see it all unfolds according to that plan. This is a lot of work and often stressful but seeing smiling guests and an ecstatic Bride and Groom makes wedding entertainment coordination, hosting and DJing, quite possibly, the best job ever!



For 2012, in our area, photo booths are a trend, for sure. We are amazed at the inquiries and bookings we are getting for our “Buena Vista Photo Booth”.

Photo booth pictures






nother Trend in Wedding Entertainment is couples wanting to make it personal. “Extended” introductions of the Bridal Party are just one example. We not only introduce them by name and position in the BP, we also say how they are connected to the Bride or Groom and we share a humorous or touching moment before they walk to their table, accompanied by a cut from a special tune selected by the B&G for each individual BP member.

Our recommendation to couples is to get to know their wedding entertainer personally before you book them. A face to face meeting with your DJ, Band Leader, Host or Master of Ceremonies is best. If you can’t do that, have several conversations over the phone or even better on skype.  After all, this is the person in charge of seeing everyone enjoys themselves and what would a wedding reception be without everyone having a good time.

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