Lorinda Perri Specializes in Beautiful!

On Your Engagement!

Welcome to the Mary Kay Bridal Service. As a professional beauty consultant for the number one
skin care and color cosmetics company in the United States, I offer a special service to brides and
the entire bridal party. If you have never had a professional makeover, now is the time to pamper

First, I believe that flawless skin requires a regular daily skin care program. Through our skin
care classes we teach which products are best for an individuals’ skin type and the method of
application for the best results. I encourage you to start a skin care program well in advance of
your wedding so you will have the glowing skin you deserve on your special day.

Next, I will color coordinate your cosmetics to enhance your natural beauty. You may invite your
family and friends to join you in learning the latest in skin care and glamour techniques. You will
be especially pleased with how I coordinate everything to match your chosen wedding shades.
This will help pull everything together, as we achieve color harmony and balance.

You have probably selected a professional for all the varied important aspects of your special day
– one of the most important features of the day will be your face. Everyone’s eyes will be on you
and your radiant face. You will be photographed – and photographed some more. Mary Kay
Cosmetics has the services and products to compliment your taste and style! You will love the
beautiful, natural look for your wedding day…and cherish your wedding pictures that will bring
you a lifetime of special memories.

Finally, last but not least, Mary Kay offers many gift items from honeymoon collections, a men’s
line, fragrance items and even color cosmetics that can be custom wrapped as a gift for the

I look forward to making your day special and beautiful…this is truly a day to remember! Being a
stunning bride is every woman’s dream, and I can help you achieve that dream with personalized
attention. Your appointment can be done in the comfort of your own home to give you the
ultimate pampering experience you deserve, or you can come to me, it’s your choice. And just for
holding your appointment, I will have a gift for you! So don’t delay, as my schedule is as busy as
yours – please call me today to begin your pampering and makeover consultation.

Best Wishes,

Lorinda Perri
Beauty Consultant
Salida Colorado

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