Yoga for Weddings

Cultivate your inner beauty and let the love shine through with Wedding Yoga.LizMorgan Train

Treat yourself & your wedding party to a moment of calm in the midst of your exciting weekend. Wedding yoga will help you find a peaceful center from which to more deeply appreciate & experience the love around you and the magic of your special day. Relaxed shoulders and a glowing smile look better in pictures! Cultivate your inner beauty and let the love shine through with Wedding Yoga.

We expertly and lovingly combine Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Hatha styles of yoga, along with calming and rejuvenating breathing techniques and essential oil aromatherapy. Wedding Yoga will help you recover from the hectic aspects of travel and wedding planning, and will assist you in easing into the ceremonial beauty of the wedding union. A custom crafted yoga experience just for you. Excellent for all levels.

Wedding Yoga can take place in a local studio, at your wedding venue or hotel, outside in a field of flowers, or by the river. Bring your photographer along for the experience and capture your wedding guests sharing the gift of yoga together.

For more information contact Liz Morgan, Yoga Teacher  and owner of Backyard Agrarian in Buena Vista.

mail: PO Box 3113, Buena Vista, CO 81211

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