Member Spotlight – Ululani Event Design

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Ululani designs weddings and parties, both galas and intimate affairs, orchestrates corporate retreats, plans fundraising events for non-profit groups and creates marriage proposal experiences. Ululani also offers concierge services, providing vacation and family reunion planning for the Colorado Mountains and abroad.

From our inception, we’ve aimed to style events that not only start with an inspiration, but that also inspire others. Perhaps our clients and guests are inspired to love more fully, celebrate with reckless abandon or to add a little more beauty into their every day lives.

Hall_Muniz_CasieZaludPhotographer_SalidaSteamplantWeddingCasieZaludPhotographer70_0_low lex smile 

With years of background in wedding and event design, Ululani’s team has developed a knack for listening to the client first and then using our expertise to make our client’s vision a reality. We work seamlessly with out-of-state brides planning a destination wedding to communicate about their event, using online visual imagery tools such as Pinterest and Instagram. When we aren’t working directly for a client, we attend bridal shows, meeting with vendors across the state to research the latest trends in event design so when it is time for us to create your next fabulous event, the wheels have already been set in motion.

In addition to event design, we also fashion websites for events, corporate retreats and reunions. Ululani can design a site to introduce the hosts or wedding party, allow you to track RSVPs, and provide registry and travel details. This makes communication with your guests effortless up until the day of your event.

Contact us via phone at 719.293.1961 or email us at today and let us know how we can put our inspired design services to work for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ericka with flower girls ben chernivsky

*top photos by Yellow Feather Photography. middle photos left to right, Casie Zalud Photography, Shannon McQueen Photography. Bottom right, This is Feeling Photography.


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