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Create A Unique Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding ceremony is a milestone moment in your new life together. It’s important that this special day reflect your beliefs, your style, your tastes and also take into consideration the needs of your family and friends. I’m Reverend Dr. Forrest Whitman and I have a commitment to you. I’ll work with you to achieve your goals for your wedding day and we’ll enjoy the process along the way (maybe even laugh some.)

Guests often comment that the ceremony was more than words on a page. They find the ceremony warm hearted and humorous as well as spiritual. My years of experience doing wedding ceremonies provides you with resources to use and lots of ideas to pick from. I offer meetings to make you feel completely comfortable as we prepare your personalized ceremony. There’s some of this that can be done by email too.

sara4Especially if you plan a wedding here in Colorado you may want to employ some historical Colorado wedding customs in your ceremony. Sometimes that means doing part of the ceremony in Spanish. Some times couples like to incorporate some old Colorado customs in their ceremony. I’ve been a columnist for three publications for some years and have often written about these customs. That adds a Colorado feel to your ceremony.

I’m Forrest Whitman and I’m here to assist you to have a special wedding ceremony. Check out my site at or take a look at some of my columns in Colorado Central Magazine or the Weekly Register Call. Better still give me a call at 719-221-9380 or drop an email to

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