Member Spotlight-Weddings Your Way


Dr. Forrest Whitman, Wedding Officiant
Weddings Your Way
Rev. Forrest

Are you planning a wedding for 200 guests or one for you and a few close friends and family members? No matter what the size it’s always a lovely experience to create the script and customize the words to say what you want to say. My job is to assist you to express your uniqueness, your sense of spirituality, your love. That’s why you’re hiring me as a professional wedding celebrant.4410254
Just this winter I’ve heard couples say they don’t plan to “make a big deal out of it because it’s small.” They tend to say “We’re spiritual, but not religious.” I respond that a wedding for six guests and a child or two from a first marriage takes as much ceremony planning as one for 250 at Mount Princeton or the Salida Steam Plant. I officiated a half dozen of those big ones last summer, but last month I celebrated two very small ceremonies here in Salida. In one case we did all of the planning by e-mail. One took place under the “Salida heart” at the band shell. Another took place in the lobby of the historic Palace Hotel. We made both a “big” event. There were tears all around, a presentation to children, even some flowers in the cold.
Big or small, a wedding is mile post in life. It’s worth celebrating to the max! Small weddings work too.


(Forrest will be attending our Un-Bridal Show Jan. 30!)

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