Vendor Spotlight – Rev. Whitman

Colorado/Guatemala wedding serendipity 

Sometimes events bring us together in ways that can only be called “serendipity.” Over a planning lunch for an August Mount Princeton wedding, Guatemala came up. I talked of an upcoming trip to Guatemala to benefit a tiny Mayan village. That village is involved in getting some sort of tourism business going. (A bit of an uphill slog for a non-electrified cold water village). Jana and Scott (the soon-to-be-married couple) laughed and said they were doing something similar for their honeymoon in Guatemala about the same time and it turns out Janas’ Mom was much involved with Guatemala too.

The wedding ceremony was a great one. We were able to balance some spiritual aspects and good love poems into a non-religious ceremony. We hit the right balance in the ceremony. Guatemala was much the subject of talk at the reception in the lovely pavilion at Mount Princeton. Here’s a photo of one young lady from Mayan land in Guatemala. Serendipity happens.

-Rev. Forrest Whitman


You can ask Forrest about his Guatemala adventures during our Un-Bridal Show Jan. 28 at the Salida SteamPlant

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