Vendor Spotlight – Phreckles Photography

Wow, 2016 was quite the year. I traveled to 2 countries (plus Hawaii), flew East 3 times to photograph weddings and got married!

Phreckles kicked off the season with a destination wedding in Jamaica. What a fantastic country! I really wish I could’ve extended my visit. It was brief, humid and full of sunshine. While I love living in the mountains, I sure miss the ocean. However, I discovered that beach destinations are not meant for a solo trip. There was no one to help me cover my back with sunscreen. I think I did fairly well avoiding the sun, but I did burn the un-reachable parts of my back.

In June, I turned down a few weddings to travel to Ireland with my fiancé for two weeks. We took the trip as a “pre-honeymoon.” We visited my friends and family in Doolin for a week and took in the annual Doolin Folk Festival. It was a bit too fun. Then we rented touring bikes and spent two weeks exploring the gorgeous Connemara region. We saw a minimum of 4 unicorns.

With 5 weddings, July proved to be fairly busy. Not to mention my own wedding was the first Thursday in August. I had 3 weddings within a week of my own. (Poor planning on my part?) My wedding was wonderful and fantastic and the wettest day of the year. I only cried twice..but not about the rain. Four months later, I’m thrilled to be a wife, and even more thrilled to have the wedding day behind us. Wedding planning is not a future career for me.

The month after our wedding, I traveled so much I spent only one of those weeks with my new husband. Thankfully he is very supportive. During that month of traveling I went to Massachusetts for a wedding, Hawaii for a week in my occasional role as #travelnanny. Then straight to Vermont for another wedding. It was wonderful to be back in Vermont in September. In the 6 years since moving west, I’d only been back to Vermont in the winter. I forgot how green and lovely the late summer can be in Vermont. It made me miss it a bit..

I finished out the year with a few Salida weddings, which are my favorite. Biking to wedding gigs is the best. My final wedding of the season was at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. What a hoot! I found it to be a perfect location for different, intriguing photos. I hope more people opt for a sandy wedding.

For more wildly entertaining stories, be sure to say hi during the Un-Bridal Show Jan. 28 at the Salida SteamPlant! As president of this wonderful association, I’ll likely be the one putting out fires.

Thanks for reading!
Cailey McDermott




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