Vendor Spotlight – Salida SteamPlant Event Center

The start of 2017 means so many different things to so many different people. Here at the SteamPlant, the New Year signifies a fresh slate of events and weddings, starting as early as March. And we cannot WAIT! New people to meet, new memories to make. The people attracted to the SteamPlant and who choose us to be their wedding venue are undoubtedly the best part. We love the diversity of couples we get to meet from all across the state and beyond.

This past November, one of our Event Coordinators was interviewed by The Mountain Mail for an article on weddings in the Arkansas River Valley. Shannon was asked, “So what makes the SteamPlant so special here in Salida? What draws couples in to choose you as their wedding venue?” Shannon replied, “To put it simply, our centralized location, our casual urban vibe, and the ease and flow of our events.”
We’re a stylish, urban venue in downtown Salida, right along the banks of the Arkansas River, and surrounded by stunning views of the Rocky Mountains. Couples can incorporate the beauty of Salida and all of the outdoor recreation opportunities one can think of – kayaking, hiking, mountain biking, fishing, you name it – into their weekend. Or, anything else. We’ve even had wedding parties arrive for their big day via whitewater kayaks on the Arkansas River, dry suits swapped out for wedding dresses. We’ve had Firefly themed weddings, punk weddings, western weddings, you name it.

As a renovated 1887 steam power plant, the SteamPlant even has a little something for those history buffs who want to take the time to learn a little bit about Historic Salida. The steam power plant powered public lights in the city throughout the 1900s, before it was re-modeled into Salida’s premier Theatre and Event Center in the 1990s. Any historic tour of Salida, whether done by bike or by a simple stroll along the Monarch Spur Trail includes the SteamPlant. Families and event attendees from out of town love it.

That’s the best part and what we look forward to this coming wedding season – the people we meet and have the privilege to work with. We want to be what people need for their special day. And we always make sure to make the most of it.


Come see the Salida SteamPlant in ACTION during our annual Un-Bridal Show Jan. 28. Entry is free, 1-4 pm. The SteamPlant ballroom will be set up to look and feel like a wedding reception. Come for ideas, meeting industry professionals and free cake tastings!

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