Vendor Spotlight – Layered Confections

You have all seen them, the wedding cakes looming in the back of your parents and grandparent’s albums.  The traditional cookie cutter all-white cakes, adorned with swags, pillars, staircases and don’t forget about the toppers!  Today couples are feeling less tied to traditions and trends.  Instead, couples are adding their own unique personality and event style into their wedding cakes and dessert tables. With all of the choices, it can be overwhelming. Layered Confection’s advice to you for creating a sweet centerpiece that your guests will remember for years to come is to start by picking a style, consider your inspiration and enjoy a tasting or two!


Pick a style that speaks to you and your fiancé.  Spend some time looking at wedding cakes and dessert tables online or in books and magazines.  Decide what styles you like and dislike.  Do you lean towards more classic, modern, rustic, or a combination? Do you prefer clean lines or bold colors and patterns? Perhaps you prefer a more natural feel with earthy colors, leaves, and flowers.  Create an inspiration board to share with your wedding cake designer.


Before choosing a cake or dessert table design, make sure some of the major elements are in place so your wedding cake designer has some inspiration to start with! While your wedding season or location might suggest a certain style of cake or decor, you are not limited.  Inspiration can be found in many places, such as the venue, attire, accessories, invitation, color scheme, and passions.  The more you have selected before meeting with your designer, the more he or she can tie into your cake so that it is the perfect centerpiece for your momentous occasion!


Let your taste buds decide! Schedule a tasting and design consultation with potential wedding cake designers. Keep in mind cake isn’t your only option!  Alternative desserts such as cake pops, brownies, cookies, pies and tarts are also available. Typical meetings last about an hour, in which time you will conceptualize a design and discuss how you would like the cake and/or desserts to be presented. | | 970.531.8244



Want to taste some cakes? Morgan and her delicious treats will be at the upcoming Un-Bridal Show Jan. 28 at the Salida SteamPlant. The event is free and will run 1-4 pm. Did we mention FREE CAKE?!

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