Spotlight – Lori Perri Mary Kay Consultant


Picking your wedding makeup: The hardest decision you’ll make after choosing the groom.

Deciding on your bridal makeup can be tricky: You’ll want to pick something that’s true to your style, without risking the chance that you’ll look back in ten years and wonder what in the world you were thinking when you chose that lip color or no lip color, to be immortalized forever in your wedding photos.

The best beauty look for the classic bride is a touch of pale pink blush and a tint of gloss on the lips. This makes for an eternally beautiful wedding makeup look.  Try a subtle flick of liner at the outer corner of your eyes for an understated cat eye that looks clean and fresh, especially when paired with cheery blush and matching lipstick.

If you’re not a full-on glam kind of girl, but still appreciate a little sparkle, pick a skin tone shadow and concentrate on the middle of the eyelid, while a matte shadow in the crease will add definition.  Light contouring and a rosy lipstick will tone down the eye shadow and keep it within the “classically glamorous” category.

A sharp, precise cat eye is the first trick every vintage-loving bride needs to have in her arsenal. When paired with a pink-toned red lipstick, the result is modern and chic.

For a boho or natural look use a shimmering, neutral eye shadow and a touch of red or pink lipstick to subtly enhance glowing skin. Add soft definition to your eyes with softly smudged liner to keep your look from being overshadowed by your botanical crown, (no self-respecting boho bride should be without a gorgeous headpiece).

So the question is, what is your style?

I’ve been helping brides look their best for 15 years and I will be so excited to find out what your style will be.

You can meet me, Lori Perri, at the Un-Bridal Show at the Salida SteamPlant Jan. 28. I will help you look and feel beautiful for your special day!

Photo by Phreckles Photography

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