3rd Annual Un-Bridal Show: A Raging Success!

We had THIRTY-ONE BRIDES attend our annual show this past Saturday. For a few hours it was so crowded you couldn’t easily move around the Salida SteamPlant ballroom floor. All our repeat vendors said it was the “BEST SHOW EVER.”

As President of the Heart of the Rockies Wedding Association I am extremely pleased by the turnout and the overall style and flow of the show. It was super helpful to have the assistance of a wedding planner! Thanks Aly Camerlo with Knot Just Another Wedding!!

And of course thanks to the SteamPlant staff (especially Jillian!!) for all their help throughout the planning process – and Jillian for helping me to put out a few fires the day-of…

Of course I have to thank Betsy with Settings Event Rental, Jane with Rancho Verde Flowers and Lori Perri independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay for being involved from start to finish. And Beth Grimes with Yellow Feather Photography for making the posters!

It takes a village, and I’m very grateful for all the help and support from our fabulous vendors these past few months. I’m THRILLED it went off well and even more thankful that it’s over.

While our event of the season is over, please continue to use us HRWA as a resource for all your wedding needs. Also, please enjoy these photos I took during the event and thanks again!!

-Cailey McDermott
HRWA President
Owner of Phreckles Photography


Flowers: Rancho Verde Flowers
Musician: John Drew Peterson
Desert: Layered Confections
Wooden Tables/plates/silverware: Settings Event Rental
Drinks: Served by Bash Cocktail Catering, distilled by Wood’s High Mountain Distillery
Baby: Curtesy of RMOC‘s Brandon and Teresa
Smiling couple: Taylor Jones Photography
Laughing couple: Ben and Abby Wright with Rocky Mountain Dance Floors


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