Vendor Spotlight – Face of Makeup

We’re so excited to share our interview with our our valued hair and makeup stylists, Rachael Chambless!

Tell us about your business, Face of Makeup.

“I am the owner and lead artist of FaceofMakeup, an on location professional hair and makeup service for weddings, editorial shoots, headshots, and special events! Our goal is to make people look and feel their best and to offer tips and suggestions for their daily hair and makeup routines. Spending time with people one on one and having the opportunity to make them feel great about the way they look is the best part of what we do here.”

How long have you lived in the area and what brough you here?

“I have lived in the valley (Salida) for 2 years. Coming from the city of Atlanta Georgia, the fresh mountain air and small, friendly community that this area offers called me to it!”

Are you a mountains or water gal?

“Both! I love hiking and mountain biking here and floating down the river in a tube with my friends and family.”

Where are you from initially?

“I grew up in a small town in Ohio. I always wanted to be in the beauty industry but rural Ohio, as wonderful as it was to grow up in, did not offer the creative outlet I was looking for. I spent my twenties and early thirties in Atlanta working in the film industry.”

If you could be apart of any celebrities wedding (alive, deceased, fictional character, whatever!), whose would it be?

“Julia Roberts! I’ve been crazy about her since Pretty Woman! To get the chance to decorate that gorgeous face and hair would be a dream come true!”

What do you love most about being apart of weddings?

“Spending time with people on these very special days when they are excited, nervous, and surrounded by loved ones, getting them ready to commit to another for a lifetime abd allowing me to feel all of those emotions with them and call it a career. Yes please!”

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing when you’re not working?

“Playing with my two precious GSP pups and my tabby cat. Celebrating life every day with my best friend/ husband. Making new friends in sweet little Salida!”

What do you love most about where we live?

“The people make this place special. The Rocky Mountain back drop in all of its glory make this place beautiful. There is so much to gain here and so much to be happy about.”

If you could have any other job in the world what would it be?

“A massage therapist!”

What was the last song you listened to (on purpose)?

“Over the Rainbow” by Isreal Kamakawiwo’ole. The song I walked down the isle to at my own wedding. I listen to it every day!”

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