The Barn at Howard Creek Farm | Colorado Rustic Wedding Venue

We’re so excited to introduce the Camerlo family! Meet the newest (and only) wedding venue in Howard, The Barn at Howard Creek Farm. Aly and Orlin moved to their farm in 2015 from Denver and had visions of hosting weddings at their home. Just a few short years later and this sweet family was tearing down a barn in Indiana, just to rebuild it here in Colorado and host some incredible weddings.

We’re thrilled to share the beautiful video West Chambless with Hickory Grove Pictures created for them. Other HRWA members to collaborate for this styled shoot were: Beth with Yellow Feather Photography; Christopher and Betsy with Settings Event Rental; Rachael Hoch with Face of Makeup; and flowers by barn owner Aly with Knot Just Another Wedding.


Tell us about your business! Where is it located? What’s your role? What’s your favorite thing about your industry?
“We are The Barn at Howard Creek Farm! A rustic barn wedding venue with an elegant and charming backdrop of mountains and river! Orlin and Aly are the owners. My favorite thing about the wedding industry is getting to be a part of one of the best days in someone’s life. To even get to play a small role is so rewarding and special!”

How long have you lived in Howard and what brought you here?
“We have lived in the area for almost 5 years. We moved out here from Denver to change our lifestyle and pursue the things we love in a place we love!”

Are you a water or mountain person?
“Is it possible to be both!?!?!?”

Where are you from initially?
“I (Aly) was born and raised in Denver. I am a true Colorado Native!”

If you could be a part of any celebrities wedding, whose would it be?
“I would have loved to be a part of Princess Diana’s wedding!! I feel like that would be magical!”

What do you love most about being a part of weddings?
“I love meeting the families and friends. Everyone in my experience, has been so happy and excited to be there and its such a great feeling!”

Tell us a little bit about what you’re doing when you’re not working?
“When I am not working, I am a mom to 2 amazing daughters. I am also a dance teacher at the local dance studio! I love to snowboard, watch terrible TV and hang out with our friends!”

What do you love most about where we live?
“The community here is incredible. Go to the park on Thursday nights in the summer and you will know why we love to live here!”

If you could have any other job in the world what would it be?
“I always wanted to be a dancer on Broadway!”

What was the last song you listened to (on purpose)?
“ME! by Taylor Swift”

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